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03/05/2013 - Pair plan sea kayak crossing to Norway

As most of you are aware Pete Goss and Andy Warrender took part in the Goretex Arctic Challenge back in 2011 in our Humber Ocean Pro 6.3m RIB, they have now announced that they plan to set off from the most easterly point of Shetland heading to Norway just under 200 miles away.

Whilst they make their way to Norway their support craft throughout the trip will be a modified Humber/ Quinquari charter RIB operated by Seafari Adventures Oban.

In February they completed their latest challenge, the circumnavigation of Tasmania by sea kayak at the ages of 51 and 52 respectively. It took them 50 days.

Pete Goss had previously sailed more than 250,000 nautical miles. He received a Legion d'Honneur for saving fellow sailor Raphael Dinelli in the 1996 Vendee Globe solo around-the-world yacht race.

Although he was a relative newcomer to kayaking before Tasmania, Mr Warrender has been undertaking kayaking adventures for years.

Now they will paddle non-stop for up to four days to reach Norway, a feat that has been tried before but never completed.

The challenge forms the "Gore-tex Guillemot Challenge", a homage to the voyage of Scotland's guillemot chicks, some of which swim right across the North Sea to Norway not long after hatching.

Mr Warrender said: "We thought, if they can do it, why can't we?"

02/05/2013 - Super Service - Humber Ribworld

Just to say thank you to your people for searching out a piece of
material for me. It is exactly what I wanted and I shall be able to
protect the tube from further wear from the anchor chain (I do a lot
of anchoring). Super service.

Moon Raker, my 5.3m Destroyer, has been very well used since we
collected her from you in year 2000. Apart from replacing the worn out
engine, nothing on the boat has broken, come unfastened, or unstuck.
I'm still very pleased with this excellent and amazingly capable
little boat.

Eilean na Cille is one of the islands just south of the Dorus Mor, at the entrance to Loch Craignish and west of Crinan. It is the northern end of the Sound of Jura. In Spring this little bay is full of seals teaching their pups to swim. These pictures were taken October 2012.

David Balfours Bay is at the west end of the Ross of Mull, near Iona.
There is a basking shark in the picture. It is the bay that David Balfour, the character in R L Stevenson's 'Kidnapped', was washed ashore after being shipwrecked on the Torran Rocks. This is an older picture.

I cruise aboard Moon Raker. You may notice 'extensions' to the A frame and console. These help support a tent that I made to cover the boat. I regularly spend up to four nights aboard when away, staying in wild anchorages such as those pictured. The picture is hardly flattering as far as Humber is concerned, but it shows how one can use these wonderful little boats.

I hope you find some interest in the pictures.

Thank you once again for your excellent service.

- Tony Gill, Argyll

02/05/2013 - Easdale RIB Rendezvous 2013

Easdale RIB Rendezvous 2013
Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th
May 2013

Seafari Adventures a 4 star marine wildlife adventure tour company who also trade as Humber/Quinquari North are hosting their third Easdale RIB Rendezvous over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend.

Easdale RIB Rendezvous is a RIB adventure weekend on the glorious West Coast of Scotland, one of the most stunning areas in the UK for boaters due to the fantastic scenery, myriad islands, pristine waters and amazing wildlife. RIBers from all over the UK meet on Easdale Island, 25 minutes south of the bustling town of Oban for a weekend of hardcore boating with food and entertainment provided on the island on the Saturday night. Past events have seen over 30 boats visit the island of Colonsay in sunny but windy conditions which provided a bit of adrenaline, and on there 2012 event saw over 30 boats take a trip up the Sound of Mull, to the picturesque town of Tobermory and down Loch Sunart to the village of Salen, with some boats taking up the challenge of circumnavigating the island of Mull.
It is a weekend of exploring with the added bonus of safety in numbers.
You can go your own pace with a set route on the Saturday meeting for lunch at a chosen destination, and exploring at your own will on the Sunday.

This year they propose to cruise to/around the wild island of Jura on the Saturday, taking in Loch Tarbet and the north coast of Islay as well for those who want and if conditions are right! This will be followed by a Rendezvous supper at the Puffer Bar and Restaurant on Easdale for which you will need to book.
Sunday will be more relaxed and we will visit the neighbouring Slate Isle of Belnahua with the rest of the time being free to explore the local area.

This ‘Cruise in Company’ event will hopefully attract experienced RIBsters and those who are wishing to expand their cruising horizons in the knowledge that other RIBs are nearby.

To register for this event please visit the following website; or email

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