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07/02/2014 - Rescue Services - Professional ranges

Not for the first time this year, severe flood warnings have been put in place across the country. This has resulted in David Cameron chairing the latest of the governments Cobra emergency committee.

We would like to remind emergency services across the country that we currently supply and have previously sold vessels built for purpose. Our rescue boats have optional layouts, A Frames, Console upgrades and drive packages all available to comply fully with SAR, FRC requirements.

The boats have all the added benefits of a GRP Hull RIB with the practicality of inflatables.The benefits include:
•Shallow V Hull
•Access to tidal and low water areas
•Lightweight Construction
•Rapid Deployment
•Safe handling in extreme conditions
•Increased life expectancy
•Safeguards from under water objects
•Balanced rescue and recovery platform.

Boats proving popular amongst rescue operators include:
•i.11 Humber Inflatable
•i.13 Humber Inflatable
•i.16 Humber Inflatable
•Sea Pro Coastal 4.8m
•Humber 9m Offshore (built to MCA CAT 3/Workboat/Police Code)

For further information please call us on (01482) 226100 or email us at We hope you all stay safe in flood risk areas.

31/01/2014 - Eventful week - 2 Sports Pro 850's down for order!

It’s been a busy and eventful week at Humber. We’ve had our sister company Quinquari down to visit these last couple of days which we have thoroughly enjoyed. Also our beloved IFCA fisheries patrol boat has left the factory and is currently en route to its new home in Liverpool.

The big news is that we have taken orders for two Sports Pro 850 boats on the same day this week. These luxury boats will be going to some beautiful European locations. The first will be going to Portimao in Portugal where we already have a 10m Humber in the waters. The other Sports Pro 850 is going to the sensational location of the Swedish Archipelago.

There is a real buzz around Humber and with offshore commercial boats high in demand as well, we would urge you all to join the hype and get involved with us as we continue to successfully operate into our 50th year!

28/01/2014 - IFCA Fisheries Patrol Boat

As some of you may have seen on our social media channels, we took the fisheries patrol boat out for a test spin last Friday. The customers and our crew were equally pleased about its performance.

It turned out to be an almost perfect day to be out on the river Humber for a cold January morning with calm winds and clear skies. The boat performed sublimely showing off its incredible acceleration, impressive speed and brilliant handling.

Comments on the day were that the boat was fantastic and that the customers couldn’t wait to have it in their own backyard.

We did have professional photographers on hand so we are hoping to have some better quality pictures of the boat in action.

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