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05/09/2014 - Southampton Boat Show Update!

We are now a week away from the start of the Southampton Boat Show and have further news about our appearance at the show.

Firstly as previous mentioned, we are exhibiting the brand new Dorset police boat which is an Ocean Pro 750. There will be a press covered official handover of the craft at the show to unveil the boat to the public. Details of the handover are to follow when it has been confirmed.

We can also confirm that the new leisure 8m boat that we will be taking to the show is a new design based on the Humber Sports Pro Series. The new spin off is a Sports Pro 800 open. This will be a more affordable version of the sports pro with more room. This will be available for demonstration at the show.

We can be found at the Suzuki Berths at M432 and M434. Both crafts are Suzuki powered and boast a range of additional extras. The Southampton Boat Show takes place from September 12th - September 21st.

29/08/2014 - Hello Dorset Police Boat!

As previously confirmed, we have sold an Ocean Pro 750 to Dorset police. the craft has now said its goodbyes to our site and is now in the hands of Dorset Police. The official handover will commence next week in Weymouth and will be Press covered.

The craft will be in use for high profile operations in and around the Dorset coast. The high spec Ocean Pro 7.5 built for professional use is powered by twin Suzuki DF140 engines has a large fuel capacity with two twin 200L underdeck stainless steel tanks and includes all MCA coding safety equipment. The boat will also feature 4 suspension Scot Seats.
The boat will also feature at the Southampton Boat Show where it will be on a Suzuki water berth. Please come and visit our berths at location M432 and M434. We will also have a brand new leisure boat available for demonstration.

The Southampton Boat Show takes place from September 12th - September 21st.

22/08/2014 - Southampton Boat Show!

We are very pleased to announce that we will have two boats exhibited on the Suzuki berth. One will be the new 7.5m Dorset Police boat which will be officially handed over next week. The other craft will be a purposely built 8m Leisure boat for the show. These will be located at berth M432 and M434.

The Southampton Boat Show takes place from September 12th - September 21st.

More details will be available in the coming weeks on Southampton.

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