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28/01/2014 - IFCA Fisheries Patrol Boat

As some of you may have seen on our social media channels, we took the fisheries patrol boat out for a test spin last Friday. The customers and our crew were equally pleased about its performance.

It turned out to be an almost perfect day to be out on the river Humber for a cold January morning with calm winds and clear skies. The boat performed sublimely showing off its incredible acceleration, impressive speed and brilliant handling.

Comments on the day were that the boat was fantastic and that the customers couldn’t wait to have it in their own backyard.

We did have professional photographers on hand so we are hoping to have some better quality pictures of the boat in action.

22/01/2014 - London Dive Show

As we recently confirmed on our social media channels, we will be at the London Dive Show on 15th/16th February. We will be based at stand 653 and two members of our team will be attending. These members will be Andrew Roffee and Paul Marsden. Both will be available for enquiries and if you would like to pre book a meeting with either of the two present members then please feel free to contact us on (01482) 226100.

We will be taking two boats with us, both of which are to be confirmed. We will update you with further information when we have the information.

09/01/2014 - Follow our Social Media accounts!

We are now linking up our news page up to our Humber Ribs Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you like our pages on both Facebook and Twitter, you will be informed to when our news page is updated and also be linked to the news page itself. This will save you from having to click on to our website and navigating on to the news page for any updates. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts will also provide you with a platform for any enquiries as well as any further updates from ourselves.

You can find us on:

Facebook at:

Twitter at:

We also have a YouTube account that you can subscribe to at:

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