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10/03/2014 - RYA New Training RIB

Friday 7th March 2014 saw another fine boat leave the Humber site. An Ocean Pro 6.8m fitted out to MCAA standards was the boat to leave. The customers were first treated to a demo on the River Humber to test out the boat and see how it handled in rough conditions.

After pleasing the customers with the demo, the boat was then taken by them up to Scotland. The boat was built for purpose to be used at a RYA Training School.

The black Ocean Pro spec list included items such as:
•Evinrude 150DPX single extra-long shaft
•Scott mitigation seating
•Garmin Map 70 with Transducer
•Double Wide A Frame
•Suzuki DF6L tiller motor

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the national body for all forms of boating including RIBs. The boat will be used for training courses which will teach users how to use their RIB responsibly and how to get the most out of your boat as well as picking up useful tips which can be used in different scenarios. The training courses vary in length and offer different abilities as you advance through the ranks. The courses start by giving users a basic understanding of boating and then progress to allow users to navigate the boat through coastal passages through day and night.

The company operating the boat are You & Sea Powerboating, and will be based out of Rhu Marina on the River Clyde. Euan Carruthers will be the primary instructor. For further information on the company please visit their website

06/03/2014 - John Price

Humber Ribs and BRP Recreational Products UK Ltd offer their condolences to the family and staff of Quinquari Marine for the loss of Mr John Price. He will be sadly missed.

John has left a first class team in place to carry on with the business and as major suppliers we wish them well for the future and offer our continual support.

Sue Richardson
Humber Ribs

Mike Loach
BRP Recreational Products Ltd

17/02/2014 - London International Dive Show Round up

We would like to say that the London International Dive Show was a great success. We had plenty of fun and heard lots of interesting stories from those visiting. The Ocean Pro 6.3m that we took also gained a lot of attention from those there who and impressed many. This boat will be up for sale on our website in the near future.

There was a positive response from a number of BSAC clubs. It would seem the UK offshore diving community is alive and busy as it has ever been with more people getting involved at local levels.

Amongst the many keynote speakers was Monty Halls who dropped by our stand and complimented our managing director Andrew Roffee on the new Ocean Pro 6.3m

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