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25/07/2013 - Topgear Hover Van

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May bring relief to flood-stricken areas of Britain by building a car that can turn into a hovercraft with our very own Humber tubes. After a bumpy start, the presenters demonstrate the brilliance of their creation with an eventful journey down the River Avon.

09/07/2013 - Appleattaque - UK

Paul Lemmer and Jon Aldis are no new comers to RIB challenges, however from previous experiences, Round Ireland can be one of the most challenging of any waterborne event worldwide and in a 5m RIB, it really is a case of ‘surviving’ not just the elements but also the Irish hospitality at the end of each leg!

The prove a long held view that RIBs of yesteryear can be just as capable and many cases more capable, than their more modern counterparts, Paul has opted for a 1978 vintage Humber Attaque fitted with all mod cons and the latest Suzuki ‘Lean Burn’ outboard for solid dependability and outstanding efficiency. To compliment the 35 year old narrow design, Humber are installing long range fuel tanks and fitting out the craft to the highest standard, with the latest Scotseats, Garmin GPS, Icom radio and Sea Star hydraulic steering system, to provide, along with the Suzuki engine, the best choice of equipment for the challenge.

Apart from completing the circumnavigation, our objective is to be the most economical team in the event by proving that the combination of an efficient hull design coupled to the latest lean burn engine technology really can make a significant difference.

21/06/2013 - Moray inshore Rescue

Humber would liek to wish Moray Resuce every sucess with the launch of there New Humber Ocean Pro 6.5m RIB.

The new boat has been collected from the manufacturer HUMBER and is now at Findhorn Marina awaiting the engines to be fitted prior to initial sea trials. A big thanks to the staff at HUMBER for building the boat and to Macrae & Dick (Inverness) for kindly providing us with a Landrover Defender which enabled us to tow the new boat north from Hull.- Moray Rescue

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