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16/10/2014 - HALF A CENTURY OF RIBS and Inflatables!

HALF A CENTURY OF RIBS and Inflatables! - Something only a handful of companies can boast and something that we are extremely proud of. Thank you to every single one of you who has bought a boat, re-tube, accessory and all of those who have supported the Humber brand including everyone at Quinquari Marine and the thousands of others that we wish we could mention!

New 50 years article can be found via the Maritime Journal:

13/10/2014 - Dorset Police Media Handover

We are very happy to announce that the media handover of the brand new Humber Ocean Pro 750 Dorset Police Boat named 'flare' was a great success.

A Press Release on behalf of the police can be found at:

ITV footage of the launch and craft can be found at:

We would like to thank all parties for this collaborative effort including Dorset Police, Suzuki Marine, Scots Seats and Raymarine.

Having spoken to the vessel operatives, we gained some very positive feedback with them being amazed at the level of performance the boat offers, with claims such as the handling being second to none and much better than any of the many other crafts that he has operated

09/10/2014 - Build your own Humber!

Build YOUR own Humber Rib or Inflatable to meet YOUR exact requirements.


With a wide range of models and optional extras, WE WILL cater for YOUR needs! Whether you want an inflatable or 4 meter Shallow V Rib to a large commercial charter vessel.

We build for all applications. Leisure, Racing, Dive, Professional, Commercial etc.

With your choice of colours, size, console, seating, electronics, outboards, we will build your dream boat! Just tell us what you want!

Contact world leading rib manufacturer Humber Ribs for more information. We are celebrating 50 years of Humber Ribs and Inflatables and have built and sold over 12,000 vessels from Luxury high end boats to Inflatables and ribs for the British Antarctic Survey and the Police.

Please see the images to see a very small proportion of the range that we can offer. No matter what you require WE WILL build you the rib YOU want at an affordable price!

Prices will vary on your requirements.

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